Boutique Development

Abor Development is also well known for multi-residential development.  We bring the same successful formula from our Custom Built experience to differentiate ourselves.  Imagine a well designed and built apartment or townhouse complex that most people would dream to live in.

Boutique multi-residential complex is our specialty.  We get involved at every stage, from procuring the site, market research, working with architects from concept to approval, finally construct and constantly fine tune our idea during every stage.

The benefit of doing both development and custom built contracting, is that the experience gained in both sides can be shared.  For example, if a new idea works for a custom build client, we would looks for ways incorporate that in our development.  Vice versa, we may try out a new idea in our own new building, and apply that to the custom build.

Our motto is to change the perception of “apartment living” and we have successfully done that in our latest award winning Elysium Residence, where residence would drive home to a building that looks like an architectural home, but is in fact a group of well built units. 

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