Eastwood House

Eastwood residence was originally designed by the prominent architect R. S. (Robin) Dods in 1907.  Despite some modification that occurred over the years, it is regarded as relatively intact and one of the better preserved Dod’s design.  The house was heritage listed by Brisbane City Council.

In 2008, its owner engaged Clements Clarke Architects to revive the original house and integrate 4 townhouses at rear which complements the heritage significance of the site.  Abor Developments Pty Ltd with its partner EzBuild Systems Australia was engaged in 2011 to construct and manage the project.  The townhouses and the heritage house restoration were managed by two separate contracts due to 2 completely difference natures.

The most challenging part project was at the very beginning where the house needed to be carefully shifted towards the street frontage by 6 meters.  The house had a double chimney weighing at approximately at 3000Kg, the chimney had to be supported and slide at the same speed as the house shift.  Two jackhammers working for two full days created a tunnel through the original solid brick chimney base, engineered steel beams were supported and welded together to create a cradle for the purpose of the slide.  The result was that the original upper chimney brickwork was preserved without a crack.

Once the house was restumped in its new position, the 4 townhouses were constructed without trouble.  In the mean time, the heritage house restoration was proceeding.  The double hung timber windows had not been working for a number of years, the original windows were pull apart, with paint scrapped back and weights re-adjusted to ensure that all doors and windows would be once again functional. 

To preserve the value of the heritage work, a fine balance had to be struck to ensure that as much of the original layers of paint work remains.  The entire house was painted with hand brush to enhance the original VJ walls and ceilings. 

 The entire rear section of the house was reconstructed with a new roof structure, new metal sheet roof, and new tongue and groove flooring.   In order to accommodate timber feature floor, existing floor joist were reinforced to reduce sagging, re-packed and levelled.  The original veranda floor boards were rotted, and so the highest grade of iron bark was sourced.  In total 7 coats of paint was applied on the deck before the house was handed over back to the owner.